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5 Types of Coupons

You probably have used quite a number of coupons in your life, but how many types of them do you actually know?

Coupons are one of the many ways companies use to encourage you to spend more, but if you're a smart consumer, you should be able to capitalize on these deals and use them to buy items you already want!

Coupons exist since the late 1800s when the Coca-Cola Company gave them to customers and employees for people to try their new product and raise the sale numbers in a beat. Since then, coupons became a crucial part of people’s lives thanks to how easy-to-use they are and how beneficial they are for both customers and business owners.

However, there are several types of coupons used for almost any type of product or service offered out there, each one with a specific purpose and reward. Do you know how many of them are and how they work? Here is a shortlist of them for you to learn and make the most out of them.

Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are one of the most common, as stores of any kind use them to advertise a wide variety of products. From discounting an actual amount of money of the total purchase or a certain percentage of the item’s full price, discount coupons are available on all presentations. Check the promo requirements to avoid misunderstandings and make the most out of your money.

Promotional Codes

Promo codes offer something special to the buyer right before they pay for the order. These codes are simply a combination of words or letters and numbers generated by the company to offer discounts, offers, free shipping or else when submitted right before paying. YouTubers who collaborate with brands or small companies wanting to raise their products’ sale numbers often offer these codes to attract new customers to their following base.

Printable Coupons

Printable coupons created a coupon-mania in the late 90s when they first appeared on emails. You just need to print them and take them to the store to take advantage of it. Redeem the offer and get the product you want. However, be sure the store you are going accepts these coupons, and bring your phone along with you to show the actual coupon in the mail if needed.

Shipping Coupons

Shipping coupons are one of the most loved by people when purchasing online, as nothing beats the excitement of placing your order without having to pay an extra fee for shipping the package where you live. There are a few types of shipping-related coupons like free shipping or a half-free shipping fee. However, some requirements and conditions apply to this kind of coupon like having to wait from a week to up to a month to get the package, according to where you are located in the world.

Grocery Coupons

Whether you get them by email, physical mail or at the actual store, grocery coupons date back more than a century ago. These are perfect for saving money and stacking your pantry with tons of products at the same time, as they often require you to purchase a certain number of items to get partial or full-price discounts on the product you want. Besides, the buy-one-get-one promo is often included in these coupons.

It’s important to learn how coupons work and how varied and versatile they are, are their rewards are endless. Whether you acquired them by mail, in the newspaper, the local supermarket, or a friend, is now time to exchange them for the desired goods they offer. Save money, get free products, discounts, and even more coupons in return and enjoy all the advantages coupons bring to your life.
Justo January 7, 2020