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Learn How to Make Dance Music from DJ Armin Van Buuren on Masterclass

Learn from the world's No. 1 DJ as he breaks down his unique processes when it comes to producing some of his greatest dance hits in his exclusive Masterclass!

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If night clubs are among your favorite hangout spots and it’s not only because of the drinks there, then you’re definitely a pretty huge fan of dance music and of DJs… maybe to the point where you’d be interested to give deejaying a try.

However, being a disc jockey isn’t exactly something that can happen overnight. Besides needing a ton of points in the talent department, you’ll also need to learn how to read the mood of a crowd, how to mix your tracks, how to use samples effectively, and etc, in addition to learning all the technical knowledge that comes with a DJ set. Thankfully, there’s an expert who can help!

Touted as being one of the world’s most legendary trance DJ and an actual platinum-selling producer, DJ Armin Van Buuren is perfectly suited to guide you through your personal DJ journey. Not only that, he was voted No. 1 DJ in the world five times by DJ Magazine and he also owns a radio show where 41 million listeners tune in to listen to his mixes every week. How he can do that though? Why… through his exclusive Masterclass, of course!

Armin’s Masterclass is designed to help you unlock your creativity and take your mixing skills to a whole new level. You’ll learn techniques for using samples and plug-ins, mixing, layering sounds, and even recording the vocals of your track. You’ll also be able to join Armin as he breaks down his hits and show you how he produces, performs and promotes his dance music. There are even tips as to how you can build a DJ set that works for you and your deejaying style.

Unfortunately, all of this means that you’ll need to at least have a basic understanding of how deejaying works or this Masterclass may not be as useful to you so be sure to keep this in mind!

Everything Armin has to teach you in his Masterclass is separated into 33 easy-to-digest, bite-sized lessons, and it also comes with a free workbook and exclusive audio stems from Armin’s personal projects. Naturally, there will be some assignments to evaluate your progress every step of the way and you can get some feedback from your classmates if you decide to upload your works. Plus, if you’re super lucky, Armin and his recording label may even drop by, give your tracks a listen, and give some expert feedback as well! How cool is that?

Of course, the rare opportunity to learn from the best of the best doesn’t often come cheap, but at Masterclass, they believe in making knowledge like this as easily accessible as possible. Thus, for only $90, you’ll be able to sign up for Armin’s Masterclass and learn how to make dance music, but personally, if you plan on picking up other music-related classes, you might want to opt for the all-access pass instead. For just $180 per year, you can access basically every Masterclass available and learn anything you’d like, but of course, if you grab a coupon, you can get it even cheaper!

As mentioned before, it’s not every day you’ll get the chance to learn from the world’s No. 1 DJ and if you’re really looking to up your mixing skills, you’ll most definitely want to hear what DJ Armin has to say in his Masterclass. So, pick up Armin’s Masterclass now and start making your own dance music!
Aethyna Mar 23, 2020