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Why Being Frugal is Good? Part 2: The Other Benefits

Did you know that being frugal doesn't only bring you monetary benefits but other lifestyle benefits too? Well, now you know!

Besides the more immediate benefits that you can feel in your wallet, being frugal brings a ton of lifestyle benefits too!

While frugality has its obvious monetary advantages as discussed in the previous article, it also contributes to the improvement of your—and your living environment’s—well-being as well in its ability to:

1. Foster a healthier lifestyle.

From growing your own produce, cooking and bagging your own meals, and cutting down on junk food to getting more exercise by biking to work or running 5 miles a day instead of buying an expensive gym membership; living frugally creates an incentive to become more active and responsible with your food choices—which have considerable positive impacts on your health.

2. Encourage resourcefulness and creativity.

Why buy new when you can recycle, reuse, repurpose, or up-cycle old and used items you have lying around in your home, and use them to make something creative, attractive, and useful. This way, not only can you avoid spending on a brand-new item, but you also get to de-clutter your home, cut down on garbage, and show off your handy skills at the same time.

3. Be more environmentally friendly.

By buying fewer products—especially those made of non-recyclable materials such as plastic—that eventually end up in a landfill, or worse, in the oceans, you also contribute to the cleaning up of the environment. Also, by doing less car or plane travel, eliminating or reducing your meat consumption, and practicing other cost-effective measures, you can minimize your carbon footprint and help cut down greenhouse gas emissions.

4. Cut down on waste.

Most of us in the developed world are fortunate never to have experienced water, food, or shelter shortages, unlike a large percentage of the global population that do suffer from a lack of basic necessities on a daily basis.

Once you start leading a frugal lifestyle and start looking at things from a different perspective, you begin to notice just how much money we spend on unnecessary purchases—much of which goes to waste. When you account for the raw materials, energy, packaging, transportation, and time needed for that food to be produced, you'll realize that it's not just your money or your food that's wasted, but you've wasted valuable resources as well.

Frugality won’t save the world from hunger or pollution, but it can play a small part in helping preserve and not waste resources that are already scarce.

5. Give you more lifestyle options.

Living frugally means you have the increased financial freedom to quit or change jobs, weather a health crisis, make a radical life change, travel the world, put up a small business, or embark on a variety of other non-conformist activities. When you have extra money saved up and the security it provides to pursue the life you want, frugality can help you achieve the life you crave.

6. Make your life more peaceful and simple.

Because being frugal weans you off the pressures to conform to social norms of spending, appearance, and other conventional metrics of success, your life gradually becomes less stressful. No longer do you feel compelled to keep up with the Joneses, or to buy expensive makeup and designer clothes to conform to media-driven beauty standards. Eliminating compulsive spending from your life frees up both your time and mental acuities for more productive, fulfilling, and less costly endeavors.

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Mel Feb 27, 2020