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What to Consider Before Pressing "Add to Cart" Oct 20, 2022 Did the stresses of the coronavirus pandemic turn you into an online shopper? If you noticed you’ve been shopping online like crazy this past year, below are a few ways to temper your spending back to pre-pandemic levels. Leaving Items in Your Online Shopping Cart to Get a Coupon - Does This Trick Still Work? Oct 20, 2022 Everyone likes a good discount when shopping and one way to get those discounts is to leave items in your shopping cart at an online store for a few days. By doing this, the retailer will assume you are having second thoughts about pushing through with your purchase. In order to encourage you to complete the checkout process, some retailers may send you a discount coupon or voucher as an incentive. 4 Important Coupon Tips for Smart Shoppers Mar 23, 2020 Now that we've gotten away the fact that coupons do help you save and that many smart shoppers use them, let's continue on by learning how to "coupon" and where to find them! Why Being Frugal is Good? Part 2: The Other Benefits Feb 27, 2020 Besides the more immediate benefits that you can feel in your wallet, being frugal brings a ton of lifestyle benefits too!